"Chris Chitsey's inspection service is by far the best I have ever used in my lifetime.  Utmost integrity and uncompromised quality.  If you are buying a home, you cannot afford to NOT use Chris!"   

~ Judge Kevin M. 

"Chris Chitsey inspected a 9,300 square foot home for me and did the most thorough inspection I have ever seen!  I would highly recommend A-PLUS to anybody purchasing a luxury home."   

~ Jeff F. 

 "Definitely one of the best decisions we have EVER made!  Chris is the most thorough, knowledgeable, and honest inspectors you will ever find.  His expertise is one that cannot be summed up in a short review.  All recommended repairs were done on the home, and we wouldn't have known any better if it wasn't for his extremely thorough inspection.  We are very grateful and appreciative!  Trust me, he is a true gem!" 

~ Punam S.  


"Chris Chitsey's inspection service is by far the best I have ever used in my lifetime.  Utmost integrity and uncompromised quality.  If you are buying a home, you cannot afford to NOT use Chris!"   

~ Judge Kevin M., Austin, TX


"We have used Chris 3 times for inspections.  The first two resulted in a decision not to purchase the home we were looking at because of serious issues that came up in Chris' inspection.  The third home Chris inspected for us this past month was a thumbs up.  Chris is the "GO TO GUY" for inspections in this area.  He is one of only a handful of Board-Certified Master Inspectors in the ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS and is a graduate Civil Engineer!  If you want a real 8 hour detailed inspection, to save you a lot of heartache and expense later, then hire Chris.  If you want someone to blow smoke at you and tell you how great the home you want to buy is, hire someone else.  Chris is a man of integrity and leaves no stone unturned."   

~ Shirley & Kevin M.


"Chris was courteous from the first phone call to the completion of his report.  I am a construction industry professional and I really respect Chris' knowledge.  I valued his opinions while walking thru the inspection.  Chris has great bedside manner for those who don't understand all that they are looking at.  Great service.  I'm happy to have used him personally and I will recommend him to all of my clients."

~ Paul C. 

"Extremely thorough, timely, considerate, informative and professional.  Would not hesitate to use again, saved us getting duped into a house needing $30K+ worth of repairs."

~ Adam C.   

"A-PLUS Inspection Services went above and beyond any inspection I have ever been a part of.  All of the items in the report were explained and demonstrated to me in a very complete & professional manner.  I would highly recommend Chris & A-PLUS Inspections again."

~ Mike G. 

"Definitely one of the best decisions we have EVER made.  Chris is the most thorough, knowledgeable and honest inspectors you will ever find.  His expertise is one that cannot be summed up in a short review.  Trust me, he is a true gem!"

~ John W. 

"I have had many homes in the past and I felt that Chris delivered the best and most comprehensive inspection I have ever seen.  They were very professional.  I will use them again and I have referred them to somebody else."

~ Joseph B. 

"Chris did an outstanding job inspecting our house, 54 pages worth!  For something as important as this, Chris went over and beyond with the amount of information he provided.  I am going to recommend him to every single one of my friends that plan to purchase houses in the future."

~ Neil & Ellie P. 

"Our inspection was for a new home prior to our one year warranty expiration.  Thank you for much for being so detailed.  Our builder is happy to complete everything we asked for and most things on the report were things we would have never seen with our own eyes.  You guys always do an amazing job!  Thank you so much!"

~ Jessica N. 

"Mr. Chitsey is a wonderful Inspector...very thorough!  The best part is that he is able to answer your questions in detail which is so important for a first time homebuyer.  Thanks Chris!"

~ Sarah G. 

" Chris was awesome and we loved how he went into so much detail.  They really provide a great service!"

~ Alex B. 

"I am very happy that I chose A-PLUS Inspection Services.  Chris always answered or returned calls when I had questions.  Excellent, Professional and Respectful!"

~ Joe N. 

"Highly professional, thorough and provided ongoing assistance well beyond the inspection."

~ Michael C. 

"As first-time homebuyers, we joined Angie's List to find an inspector.  We wanted a thorough inspection, not just a "kick the tires-of-course-it's-fine inspection" and we found A-PLUS.  The description sounded great, and the reviews were positive, so we went with it.  We were still nervous, until we met Chris.  He was EXACTLY the type of inspector we hoped we would find.  He was intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient with our (lots of!) questions.  He pointed out the issues with the house, and described what actions we could take in the future to fix them.  He answered our questions that we had, and offered advice on some of the aspects of the house that we were unfamiliar with, both during the inspection, and after we had read the report.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A-PLUS Inspection Services.  They are absolutely worth the price, because the information that you receive on your house will really put your mind at ease.  It's better to know the condition of your house than to wait for surprises.  We were lucky, and we found a great house with minor issues.  I am so happy that we went with A-PLUS, even on a younger house (built in 2007).  Any future inspections we will definitely be hiring him again!  Thanks again Chris!"

~ Tiffany L. 

"Chris Chitsey, of A-PLUS Inspection Services conducted a full inspection of a house that was built by a custom home builder in the Dripping Springs area.  Chris conducted a very thorough inspection and provided a detailed report with approximately 24 hours of finishing the job.  After completing his approximately 9 hour inspection, he took the time to discuss his findings with us and to explain whether a particular matter was something that was the result of poor workmanship or due to the normal aging or settling of the house (even though the house was less than a year old).  Chris' primary report was 45 pages long (there were secondary reports or information that he provided as well).  In the main report, he listed each finding and included a color picture, where appropriate, to show exactly the finding that he was describing (as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!)  He also listed next to each finding whether the item was a code vi44olation or not, and if so, referenced the particular code.  We found it interesting that the builder, who had the house inspected at numerous times during the building process, found none of these items.  Yet Chris found over a hundred issues which he noted in his report (many of which were code violations).  Overall, if you have decided on a home to purchase, whether it is a new home or a resale, we highly recommend that before you close, you have A-PLUS Inspection Services conduct an inspection to protect your interest and hard earned money."

~ Thomas Y.

"I reached Chris on the 1st attempt.  He was very pleasant and professional.  I was able to schedule an appointment for an inspection in only two business days.  This is the fourth home we have purchased and I have gotten more demanding of my inspections with each purchase.  I don't like surprises.  I am also able to see past little issues and not get all nit picky with my demands of the Seller.  The house is built into a hillside and making sure it is going to remain in place was at the top of our list of concerns.  My husband met Chris at the property.  Chris spent the entire day inspecting the house top to bottom.  He got out on the roof (something no inspector has done in the past).  He found a few hail issues and we had a roofer come out to give us a quote.  He also saw a few issues with the stucco siding installation he thought we should also check.  We called for a stucco inspection for $200 and got a clean bill of health with a suggestion of how we could cut a seam in the barrier to make sure water did not get trapped in the future.  Chris found a few more issues with how the house was built, but nothing that would stop us from buying it; just things that were good to know so we can keep an eye on them for future issues.  He was able to explain how the HVAC system was installed and how the air would be drawn from and be distributed throughout the home.  He told us how well (or not) each unit was working and suggested we might want to have them serviced (units are 9 years old).  He used infrared pictures to show where leaks were occurring at the doors, windows and attic access.  Again nothing to stop us from buying, just good to know so that we can address them once we get into the home.  There was a crack in a shower that was a concern to us that he checked with a device and found no moisture.  He had another device to check how level the house was sitting.  He even checked the oven temperature.  Chris was great at pointing out the things that were good with the house too.  He explained the things he was doing and why he was doing them clearly.  He was good with referrals and was very knowledgeable.  Our report was 58 pages long and contained all sorts of little things we could do ourselves on weekends (an example would be a cracked PVC pipe that carries the electric wires to the sprinkler system.)  Our agent suggested we use the report as a to do list and date each item on the report as we fix them for a potential future buyer.  My husband and I would highly recommend Chris and felt he was worth every penny!"

~ Jennifer A.

"The inspection report was exceptionally thorough and helpful in negotiating a lower purchase price.  The report gave us confidence in the overall purchase and structure, but let us know what was needed immediately and what to anticipate in the future.  Chris was very personable and explained all the technical details we weren't familiar with.  Chris also answered many of our questions after the fact.  We were pleased with the service and professionalism and would highly recommend A-PLUS Inspection Services.  In fact, we already have."

~ Poppy F. 

"Chris inspected a house we were renting and considering purchasing.  We knew of several problems with the house and wanted a good professional to look at it before we even signed an option agreement.  Chris arrived on the dot at 8:00 am as promised.  From there, he spent a full workday, no lunch or breaks, performing a thorough, professional, intelligent inspection of virtually every detail of the home, top to bottom, inside and out, garage included.  He was up on the roof, in the attic, around the perimeter, in every room -- he seems like three people in one -- and all of them skilled!  Somehow he managed to also give an ongoing, informative narration of what he was finding as he went along, all the while making notes and taking photos.  He was polite, gracious, responsive and highly skilled at putting his expert analysis into layperson's terms.  At the conclusion of his inspection, he sat down with me for an in-depth consultation that clearly summarized his findings and what they signified overall.  His report came to us by email later that evening:  a brilliant 50-page workup of the home with all its strengths and weaknesses in great detail, including highlighted photos of issues.  Paying for this inspection was the best money we ever spent in the home-buying process.  It enabled us to walk away from a home we liked a lot and had enjoyed renting, but which would have been a mistake for us as owners.  Based on Mr. Chitsey's thorough inspection report, we were able to assess our situation and see that we could not afford both a down payment and the repairs that needed to be done right away, as well as the ones in danger of cropping up soon based on the owner's poor maintenance over many years.  We are very grateful to Mr. Chitsey for his education, skills, verbal facility in explaining and writing up what he sees and knows, and also, his ongoing availability after the fact to answer questions.  He is top of the line, a true professional in the fullest sense of the word." ~ Ruth A. "Chris performed an extensive inspection of the house, after that we reviewed his recommendations and he answered all my questions in a detailed and clear manner.  The report is very detailed and extensive.  A friend of mine recommended me to use Chris' services and he was right.  Chris is a true professional with a wide knowledge about his craft.  His services come with a very detailed report and being his client comes with a lot of perks (coupons, safety flyers, lifetime consulting).  Maybe his fee is higher than the rest, but its really worth it.  I learned a long time ago that true quality comes with a higher price.  I hope this won't detract you from hiring him.  Do yourself a favor and don't put your life at risk going with a cheaper inspector." 

~ Freddy R.


"A-PLUS Inspection Services has done a fantastic job with our inspection.  Chris took the time to explain every question I had regarding an incredibly detailed inspection report.  He not only answered questions, but he gave great insight into multiple solutions.  I highly recommend Chris as your first and only destination for inspections!" 

~ Mike N. 

"A-PLUS Inspections did a very thorough job!  We were pleased with their professionalism and the price.  They told us about numerous things that needed to be corrected, but assured us that overall, the house we were purchasing was well-built and in good shape.  We felt a lot better about purchasing the house, once the inspection was complete.  They also took over an hour to answer questions we had regarding the gas appliances in the house, since we have never owned gas appliances before.  We really appreciated that.  We would definitely recommend this company to anyone in search of the best inspection available today!"   

~ Christopher B. 

"I appreciate Chris Chitsey's expertise and forthrightness.  He uncovered problems when doing an inspection on a house my husband and I wanted to buy, so we did not proceed with the purchase.  While we didn't get the happy ending we hoped for, I believe Chris saved us money we would have lost to repairs and/or diminished value." 

~ Patricia R.

Fantastic and Fast!!  The report was one of the most comprehensive I have ever received.  Highly recommend! ~ Kent M. 

"I found them very easy to work with.  They stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire process from scheduling them to come out, inspection and even afterwards.  They took the time to explain every detail on their inspection process and answered all questions I had.  Chris is so detailed and knowledgeable.  If anyone is looking for all and every issue, big or small with their current home, or home  you are looking to purchase, then these are the folks to go to.  I loved all of the additional information and resources he provided me afterwards.  All I can say is THANK YOU!  Keep in mind they do cost more than your average inspector, but they are not providing you with an average inspection."

~ Charlot K. 

"We were beyond happy with our inspection.  Yes the cost was higher than others, but nothing was over-looked.  We feel that we got a great inspection and the higher cost was definitely worth it!" ~ Matt R. 

"My parents are having a home built in Georgetown.  They will close on it next week, so we needed a home inspection.  I found A-PLUS Inspection Services through Angie's List and then contacted Chris Chitsey, the inspector.  His prices are higher than most home inspectors, but as I discovered, he does a lot more also.  He performed an extremely thorough inspection of the new home in about 6 hours, verbally reviewed the major findings with me and provided me a detailed 41 page report the same evening.  The report is chock-full of concrete recommendations that the builder can act on.  Chris is very easy to work with, is prompt, professional and explains things in a very easy-to-understand manner.  I definitely recommend him and will contact him again should we need another inspection.  Great service!!" 

~ Randy M.

"In late summer of 2013, Chris Chitsey told me to walk away from a house I wanted to buy because he discovered a Foundation problem.  I was heartsick, but if I wanted an Inspector to rubber stamp my decisions, I would not have hired a Graduate Engineer.  I did as Chris advised.  In December of that year, he inspected another house I wanted to buy and gave it the green light.  That's not to say he didn't find issues, but they are things like the need for additional insulation in the Attic and my husband and I can take care of that.  We now are in the new-to-us house and are grateful we had Chris' guidance in our home-buying decision.  A-PLUS charges more than your average inspection company, but I would not have used A-PLUS twice if I didn't believe the cost was worthwhile.  Chris' reports are exhaustive."

~ Patricia O.

"When I bought a home in Austin, I asked my Realtor if he knows of an inspector that is extremely thorough and picky with his work.  He referred Chris to me and I couldn't have been happier or more fortunate.  Chris is the most thorough inspector I have ever worked with, and I have bought 5 homes to date.  He is the only board certified master inspector in Austin that is a graduate engineer, so he is able to not only give valuable information on the property in general, but specifically the foundation, which is invaluable in Austin because of the soil issues common to this area.  For this particular home, the sellers included a "pre-inspection" performed by another company which was 11 pages long.  After Chris reviewed the home, which took more than 6 hours, I got a report that night that was 60 pages in length and extremely detailed.  He found so many more issues in the home than the other inspector.  If we didn't use him, I am certain we would have bought the home and realized later the home had serious foundation issues as well as deferred maintenance that would have cost well over $10K.  I would highly recommend him without reservation and couldn't imagine using anyone else!"

~ Ali K. 

"Your inspection was thorough and complete and provided me with a level of comfort knowing that the single largest purchase of my life was in good condition.  The report was easy to read and will be used in the future as a baseline record of the condition of the house and is almost a "users" manual for the new property.  My father who is a retired building director for a large town in Illinois and started his career as a building inspector was very impressed with the detail in the report and the thoroughness of the inspection.  It was worth every penny and would recommend Chris to anyone buying a house."

~ Bryan P. 

"Very satisfied!  Top notch professionalism and expertise!" ~ Brian R. "Chris was extremely thorough and professional.  He explained everything to me in terms I could understand.  Thanks for a job well done!"

~ Christi L. 

"All services were completed as expected.  The report was very thorough and I felt like I knew everything I possibly could about the house before proceeding with the purchase.  Would recommend to anyone needing an Inspector."

~ Richard J. 

"Chris was referred to me by a friend.  He said he was great at what he did and very professional.  I had shopped around, but always felt uneasy about the quality of work that was to be performed by other inspectors.  I ended up hiring Chris because of the referral.  On the day of the inspection I showed up to the house and I could see that Chris had all the current equipment needed to do a professional job.  Part of his equipment was a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, which is very useful in showing to a customer changes in temperature around doors, windows, exhaust pipes, etc.  Chris did a very thorough job of explaining in technical and simplified terms what his concerns were.  He spend more than SIX hours during his inspection and another hour explaining his findings, and was willing to spend more.  Later that evening I received his report and it was very thorough with a ton of pictures explaining all of his concerns in detail.  When I received his invoice, it was higher than the quotes I received from other companies and not knowing much about his quality of work I wondered why.  I assumed they were all the same.  I was wrong.  When the inspector for the buyer of my house showed up, he was here for two hours.  His equipment was a basic flashlight and ladder.  He took no pictures and basically said the only things that really matter are foundation, drainage and termites.  When I received a copy of his report, it was a basic checklist of items handwritten to the side.  Looking at the amount of work that this gentleman gave the buyers of my home, compared to Chris' work was literally day and night.  I truly believe in life you get what you pay for and with Chris, you get a job done right instead of a job that could potentially put you at risk for major repairs in the future."

~ Denney J. 

"Book them immediately! You will be so happy you did. Very professional, very thorough, and very educational. It's like learning the ABCs of your house. Highly recommend Chris!" 

~ Jaco P.

 "Chris is very responsive and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He explained everything to me in detail and answered all my questions. He will not overcharge you for things you don't need. I highly recommend him and will reach out to him in the future." 

~ Jackie B.

"Chris not only helped us dodge a bullet by giving me the information that I needed to make a decision on a property, he took the time to educate me about what a professional inspection was, and what I might look for as well when examining a property that I might consider purchasing.  I have been managing rental properties for more than 30 years and the cost of his recent inspection was some of the best money I've ever spent." 

~ Mike N.

"I high recommend without reservation Mr. Chitsey's Services.  I used Mr. Chitsey's service for my second home purchase.  He is thorough, professional, knowledgeable, prompt and highly skilled in his area of expertise.  The difference between the home inspection he did for my second home vs the home inspection done for my first house by another inspector is substantially more in depth in scope and in detail.  He will walk on top of the roof to inspect it as a part of his inspection, and perform thermal imaging.  Also, his feedback on items not passing notates specific code violations references.  I received a 54 page report from him the same day.  He also can consult on potential foundation problems.  The builder added a piece of slab to the main foundation to support brick veneer columns.  He reviewed and provided feedback on their design and implementation.  The cost for his services is worth it and I will utilize his services to re inspect my home before the 1 year warranty is up.  In hind sight, I wish I would have used his services throughout the construction process instead of waiting toward the end."

~ T.K. 


 I want to start off with a huge THANK YOU!!! to Chris!  I am a business owner myself and I'm in the service industry, so I know all too well how people will tell you all about the negative, but very rarely will take the time to speak of the good.  My wife and I were looking at purchasing a home that was built in 1995 and using it as rental property for future retirement income.  Our son really wanted us to purchase the home since my wife and I were going to rent it to him and our daughter-in-law.  I looked online and saw several inspection companies and most were around $250 - $350 for the inspection.  Well, I took the time to read several of the reviews on Chris and not one was negative.  Yes, there were some that said they found companies that were cheaper but I am a true believer that "you get what you pay for in life."  I called Chris and checked to see when his first opening was and he came out within a week.  We set the appointment for 8:30 and Chris was here at 8:30!!!  He told me over the phone it would be anywhere from 8 - 10 hours to complete the inspection and the cost would be between $850 - $950 and I am located in Marble Falls, not Austin.  Chris wrapped up things in about 4 hours and he did something he told me he had only done a handful of times in his 20+ years in the business and that was stop an inspection.  Chris found several "deal breakers" and there was no need to continue.  This man is the truest meaning of honest and ethical and I would go as far as saying they could put his picture by either or both words in the dictionary!  Chris not only saved my wife and I six figures on a home that would probably have cost us an additional six figures to repair, but also the headache that would have followed.  There are no words to thank Chris enough for the fine job he did and he also reduced the bill to ONLY reflect the time he worked on the job.  My wife and I will ONLY use Chris and his company, A-PLUS Inspection Services, for any other homes we may consider purchasing and I will go as far as to say you cannot afford not to use him for your home inspection.  He is worth every penny you will spend on his services.  I still feel like I should buy him and his family dinner for what he did for mine.  Thanks again Chris!!!
~ Troy M. 

"Chris is one of only a handful of Board-Certified Master Inspectors in Texas, out of more than 4,000 Inspectors.  He is also a certified code inspector.  He is more expensive than the average inspector, but FAR more thorough and well worth EVERY penny!  He provided us with a 68 page report on the house that we were purchasing.  We were looking at purchasing a 20 year old home that had been completely remodeled and we didn't want any surprises.  He was able to describe to us in great detail the benefits of the type of slab foundation on the house and the support system for the decking, what we should be concerned about what was normal for this type of construction.  Chris spent well over 8 hours inspecting this house.  When he was finished, he went over the highlights with me and our Realtor and made suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of the air conditioner.  That evening he sent us a incredibly thorough 68 page report including photos and diagrams of everything that could and should be repaired in the house.  He had identified defective Roofing Shingles on the five year old roof that I think would have been missed by most inspectors.  Who goes up on the roof in 105 degree weather?  We had a Roofer out the next day who confirmed the finding and identified the manufacturer to bring in for replacement.  He also identified double pane windows which had broken seals.  Again, an estimator from a window company came out and confirmed his diagnosis.  We were able to cut and paste from his report for our addendum to the seller requesting repairs.  He continued to be available to us to answer questions about making the home more energy efficient and has been a great resource!  I am thrilled that we had him on our side of this real estate transaction."
~ Jennifer H.

 "Chris Chitsey did our inspection.  He was very polite and took the time to answer all of my questions and explain everything that I had questions on.  He did a thorough inspection of our new home (inspection report was 44 pages in length).  His services cost more than the competition, but his level of detail, expertise and education (Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering) in my opinion gives his clients a much greater detailed report of the home in question than his competition.  I would highly recommend Chris to everyone!"
~ Thomas S.

"We originally used Chris in 2009 and were very impressed with his work.  We were, however, first time home buyers and found Chris by way of our agent.  This time around we chose someone else for the first home we were considering.  He did a fine job, no major complaints.  But when it came time to inspect a second home, we felt there was something missing and decided to look back at Chris's old report...check his webpage, etc. and decided to go with him again.  Chris is a Board-Certified Master Inspector & Graduate Civil Engineer who performs one inspection per day, spending approximately 7 hours on one home and offers complimentary lifetime consulting.  You can trust that he will be incredibly thorough and accurate.  He will also provide proper guidance and reassurance when it comes to the issues with your future home, which all homes have.  Finally, consider this...in a very short time frame we used another fairly esteemed inspector, and then we used Chris/A-PLUS and the difference was immense.  While A-PLUS does cost more than many inspectors, it is WORTH IT!"
~ Ryan K.

"Absolutely perfect from start to finish with the utmost professionalism.  I would use Chris for all our inspections in the future!"
~ Donna T. 

 "Terrific work, most detailed inspection Builder had ever seen.  He spent time on things like making sure that the doors were hinged properly and noticed lots of things that the Builder and I missed during out walk through.  I would definitely hire again and recommend to all!"
~ Russell V.

"Chris is very knowledgeable, thorough and provided a well documented report very quickly.  Given the thorough documentation, it was very straightforward to address the key issues with the homebuilder in a timely manner."
~ Jamie C.

"Chris has done two inspections for houses we had under contract and he was extremely professional.  He started the inspections at 8 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m.  After the inspection, his reports were excellent and he answered our questions over e-mail and over the phone.  He took the time to give us advice and also gave us other resources to read to make our best informed decision.  I would highly recommend Chris to anybody, it was the best money we have ever spent."
~ Maria T. 

 "In my mind, if you need your home inspected then there is no one else in the Austin area to go to but Chris Chitsey.  This is the second home I've had him inspect for me having received his name from a Realtor friend who's worked in Austin for a few decades and his thoroughness has blown me away both times.  My first call will always be to Chris when I need any future inspections done.  Starting with the basics, he's easy to communicate with both on the phone or via e-mail, he's very professional, asks good upfront questions like how quickly you need the work done (he knows you're usually working within a tight option period), and he knows the Austin terrain well and explains how that has affected construction decisions and future considerations or things to expect.  His report for my house was (45) pages, not including the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.  I want to emphasize that this house I am buying is in really good condition and was recently completely remodeled, so you have some perspective on how detailed and thorough he is with his work.  I really appreciate this as I can take his report and use it as my to do list for years to come.  After the inspection he walks you through the house and calls out any large items that need attention and explains why certain items may be written up in the report as FYI and why others are really dangerous and could pose safety risk.  A new addition this time that he didn't have available last time was the Thermal Imaging Scan as he went through the house.  He showed me exactly where heat/air conditioning was leaking and why with all major issues captured in a heat image included in the inspection report.  Finally he's easy to talk to and listens very well, asking probing questions when you might casually mention something so he understands what you are concerned about so he can address it.  His cost is higher than other quotes I've heard from inspectors, however, with all the information, service, qualifications and experience he brings to the table, the difference is nothing compared to the knowledge you gain about one of the biggest purchases of your life.  Hire him today, you won't be disappointed."
~ Ken C.

 "First and foremost...he's just a nice guy, plain and simple.  I got a hold of him on the first try and he was courteous over the phone.  He explained to me his qualifications and how that set him apart from most, if not all Inspectors, and then he advised me as to exactly what he would be doing.  He was available to come out first thing the next morning.  He showed up right on time, maybe even a tad early just to be on the safe side.  He was extremely thorough; his inspection took over 6 hours, which is fine with me.  I'm the kind of guy who pays attention to all the little details, so it was encouraging to know that as an Inspector, he would do the same.  He called us about 30 minutes prior to completing his inspection so that we could go over it in person.  Even after being there for over 6 hours, he took the time to explain his findings to my wife and I in a way that we could understand.  He wasn't in any rush to leave.  Actually I had to leave before he did, and he still stayed behind to continue fielding the questions my wife had.  He submitted a very comprehensive 40 page report that evening for us to go over.  The report is great; it has everything categorized with pictures and his comments and concerns.  I'm in the process of getting bids for repair work that the property needs and it makes it so easy to have the report to show each contractor exactly what the concern is.  Now I will say that his inspections do cost more than most (it's based on square footage), but I will also say that it was worth every single penny.  He could have charged me twice as much and it still would have been worth it.  If you are in the market for a home inspection.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you LOOK NO FURTHER than CHRIS CHITSEY.  He'll get the job done.  He'll get it done right and he'll get it done to a degree of perfection that is uncommon in the service industry.  Thanks Chris!"
~ Paul G.

   "Doing business with A-PLUS Inspection Services was a pleasure.  As usual, the option period stated for our home purchase was short.  I phoned A-PLUS and Chris Chitsey was able to provide an inspection within two days of my request.  Chris spent eight hours inspecting every aspect of the house, top to bottom, providing us with a very detailed 37 page report.  The report included photos and helpful information on the condition of everything from the roofing to the slab.  We learned that overall the home was in great condition and well built, with fairly minor repairs needed.  Based on Chris' report, we felt secure in completing the purchase of the home.  Also, because of his report, we were able to have roof repairs done and three windows replaced by the former home owners.  During our negotiation period Chris was always available to me to offer help and suggestions in securing the repairs.  My husband and I are very pleased with the service of A-PLUS Inspection Services and Chris Chitsey; we highly recommend them.  We both felt it was not worth taking shortcuts, as we have experienced, where an inspector took 1.5 hours viewing a home and didn't find many issues that were not easily seen."
~ Michele O.

"Chris' wonderfully detailed inspection was great!  Professional, courteous and most of all Chris really knew his stuff.  It was a little more than some of the Inspectors cost, but worth every penny.  We are going to have to walk away from the deal based on what Chris found.  We are very grateful, as he saved us from an expensive mistake.  We will definitely use him on the next house we find."
~ Debora S.

"The inspection by Chris was so thorough!  We have a great peace of mind knowing that he covered everything and explained it all to us!  The referrals he gave us made all the difference.  We ended up negotiating the repairs quickly and feel we got the long end of the stick.  Thanks so much for your expert help!"
~ Jan S. 

 "Excellent job.  Very thorough, knowledgeable and professional.  He might take the whole day to complete his inspection, and the price is steep, but well worth it."
~ Anne L.

"Chris did a fantastic job!  Far more thorough than we were expecting!  He did a fantastic job reviewing the key items with us, indicating what items we should actually be concerned about, as they could get lost in the long report.  VERY helpful!" 
~ Jennifer F. 

 "This was the second inspection Chris did for us in the summer of 2013.  My husband and I were renting a house and our landlord put it up for sale.  Chris' thorough inspection (see Angie's List review) was instrumental in helping us make a smart decision to walk away from that problem-laden home.  We called on him again when we found a great house (we hoped) that we wanted to buy.  We set up an inspection with Chris.  He understood time was short for us and gave us a slot two days after I called him to request his help.  The night before the inspection, he gave us a heads-up by e-mail when he had not received the CBS Code he needed to access the property from our agent yet.  He is a family man with small children, yet was on his home phone with us late that night to pin this down and at the house ready to go the next morning well before the 8:00 start time.  When Chris arrived early, he used the time to discuss some issues with me, then started the outside portion of the inspection even before we could enter the home.  He then spent a very long work day checking the home outside and in from stem to stem and discussing/explaining/clarifying the detailed results.  Chris used state-of-the-art equipment and his many years of experience to give us a clear view of the exact pluses and minuses of the home.  He left virtually nothing un-addressed, and went way above and beyond what another inspector I recently observed was able to do, in time, effort, equipment, and expertise.  This other inspector was hired by a prospective buyer at our rental home.  We showed him Chris' inspection report and he was blown away.  "Very thorough," he said reluctantly (after all, he was talking about his competition.)  I asked him is he uses thermal imaging equipment, as Chris of A-PLUS Inspections does.  "I've thought about getting it, I just never pulled the trigger," he said.  The information Chris gave us and his clear summary of what it all meant in terms of dealing with home repairs, helped us immeasurably in deciding to buy this lovely home.  We have been here now for two and a half months.  Having the outstanding, detailed A-PLUS Inspection in hand to refer to has meant that the home maintenance issues we've faced since buying the home are all either minor, or ones we expected and prepared for (thanks to Chris!)  In addition, Chris has remained available to consult with us since the original inspection, as is his policy.  He answers his business phone himself day and night, returns calls very quickly when he is unavailable (like up on somebody's roof inspecting it) and will pull up the inspection report on our home and go over anything that concerns us.  We could never have managed to buy such a nice home, in such good condition, in record time (first tour with our agent on July 17, inspection July 19, closing August 22) without Chris' marvelous skills, dependability and experience." 
~ Ruth A.

 "Chris inspected at 1,400 square foot home built in the 1980's.  He spent over 6 hours inspecting the home and wrote a 40+ page report for us.  Additionally, he answered multiple questions through phone and e-mail after the inspection.  Chris is more expensive to hire than other inspectors, however, you really get what you pay for.  He found serious issues that the Seller did not disclose.  He saved us from making a $30,000 mistake.  I was fortunate enough to book him due to a cancellation.  He started the inspection at 7:40 in the morning and didn't leave till almost 3 in the afternoon.  I met up with him at noon, and he gave me a breakdown of the major concerns he had with the home.  He told me right off the bat that is he was inspecting this home for his family members, he would tell them to look elsewhere.  I was hesitant to walk away, but after the Seller refused to make concessions for the Foundation issues that were discovered, we decided that passing on this property was our best option.  Throughout this ordeal, Chris responded quickly to all of my questions regarding the inspection and concerns I had with the home in general.  In Austin, many of the homes have Foundation issues and the cost of fixing those Foundation issues can easily reach five digits.  Chris is a graduate Engineer and extremely skilled at identifying structural defects.  Every Inspector points out the minor issues, such as ventilation, light bulbs, latches on windows, etc.; however, Chris will point out problems that are hidden as well.  He uses a Thermal Imaging Camera to see into the Walls/Ceilings and catch problems that are not easily visible."
~ Annie L. 


"Chris came out and performed an inspection on a home I am in the process of buying.  Chris did a really great job, as he was very patient with my endless barrage of questions.  I've never purchased a home before or lived in a place that had gas.  He explained everything I needed to know about how to work the gas appliances and general housing things.  Everything he noted on the report he made sure to tell me exactly what it means and why it may need to be fixed.  On top of that, he sent me a very long and detailed report with hundreds of pictures within 4 hours of completing the inspection."

~ Michael R.


"I cannot say enough GREAT things about Mr. Chitsey!  This was a home we were looking to purchase (unfortunately didn't go through) and we were first time home buyers.  We had no clue what to expect when it came to the inspection.  We received his name from a co-worker of mine and my place of employment.  So we had no reason to not trust him from the get go.  He started the inspection about 8am and didn't get finished until approximately 2-3pm.  Even our Realtor was impressed.  Our Realtor stated usually inspections only take about 3 hours and he could not understand why Mr. Chitsey would take so long.  When we arrived at the home to go over his findings, he explained everything to us and allowed us to ask questions without making us feel uneducated about the whole process.  We had a ton of questions and he took the time to show us everything and even asked the homeowner to leave the home so we could actually go over everything in private.  I was forewarned that their prices were higher than other inspectors, but well worth every penny.  When we got the report, it was so easy to read and understand!  Even our Realtor was impressed with the attention to detail and the great photos he took.  The report was 42 pages and the termite inspection was 2 pages.  Not only did we get a clear understanding of what we were getting ourselves into, but it was nice to speak with someone that actually cared about us and their reputation.  When we look for another home (hopefully within the next 5 months), we will definitely be calling A+ Inspections again!  I have referred them to many of my friends that are first time home buyers.  I will continue to do so!"

~ Cynthia S. 


"Chris was recommended to us by our Realtor.  He was very helpful and professional from our first phone call.  He was able to come out to the house the next business day and spent the entire day at the house.  He gave me a very thorough walk-through of what he found and was very honest.  He walked me through each potential problem and helped me understand which items needed immediate attention and which items could be addressed later.  I was very impressed with the thorough job he did and how well he explained everything.  I had a few questions that were not directly related to the inspection, but knew he could be of help, and he was happy to help me.  He communicated very well and asked me to contact him if I have any questions what so ever."

~ Megan C.  


"From the first phone conversation to set up an appointment, Chris was fantastic.  He was very helpful, friendly and honest.  The inspection he performed was extremely thorough.  After he had completed the inspection, he took us around to explain all of the issues he found in detail.  He was more than willing to answer our constant questions and he stayed with us at the property until all of our questions had been answered.  We will definitely use Chris again in the future and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone."

~ Joanna D. 

 "This is the second time I've hired Chris. First to inspect our home last year during a real estate transaction and just today to provide expert advice on removing 2 small walls in the house. His inspections are thorough and professional. I remember the price being a little higher than the big companies, but you get what you pay for. I'm still working through the list of issues he identified and they were all spot-on. He didn't miss anything. For the structural inspection today, again beyond expectations. It was a challenging problem to check if one wall was load-bearing because the A/c unit was mounted directly above it in the attic. At first he determined that it was likely load bearing as best he could and gave me the options. I was disappointed but that was what I needed to know. Later, after checking the other wall i asked about, he came back with a new plan to check the first wall. He asked if he could pull up a platform board next to the a/c that was nailed down but had nothing on top. I agreed, and sure enough once he pulled it up he was quickly able to determine that the wall was actually between the joists and not load-bearing. That's why I like him. He doesn't walk away until he figures it out. That double check potentially saved me thousands in bringing in a contractor to install a beam, inspect, etc. I will absolutely call Chris for any future inspections/advice/expert opinion on anything related to the house. Thanks Chris!" 

~ Nick M.

"Chris was incredibly thorough with his inspection of our home, and his explanation and report were very informative.  He took the time to explain his findings and conclusions with us after his inspection, which was helpful to us as first time homebuyers.  Moreover, he was available to field questions that came up after he had finalized his report.  We cannot recommend A-PLUS Inspection enough!" 

~ Tory D.

"Impressive inspection done, very thorough, and offered recommendations regarding repair options. Buying a home is one of the largest investment and it is especially important to pay for a good inspection so you know what you are getting into. With Chris, he was extremely thorough, spent ample time speaking with us about the findings, and provided a written report. He even offered solutions on repairs. He made sure to answer any questions we had about the home inspection. Very professional, prompt, and would hire again in a heart beat." 

~ Jack T.

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