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My name is Chris Chitsey and as the owner/operator of the oldest family-owned inspection company in the state of Texas, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. We dedicate a tremendous amount of work, thought and energy to deliver a world-class inspection experience. We offer the most thorough and comprehensive inspections and reports in the industry today, using the most technologically advanced equipment, guaranteed! Our objective is to deliver a superior product for you not just one time, but to build an enduring, long-lasting relationship with you and your family. We want you to be so satisfied with your inspection experience you feel compelled to refer your friends, family and colleagues to us, not by obligation, but because you truly believe they will benefit from our Board-Certified, Award-Winning, Professional Inspection Services. 


Purchasing Your Dream Home

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial investments you may ever make in your lifetime. That's why you want the best possible Inspector in your corner to tell you whether that cute Colonial is your "dream home" or a "lemon" with a cracked Foundation, Electrical issues, shoddy Plumbing, Termites and a shaky Chimney. You only have one shot at having your potential dream home evaluated by a state-licensed professional who has a professional eye, experience and training to find defects/deficiencies. A thorough inspection is the most important way to protect your financial investment. 


One thing that is often overlooked about Professional Inspectors is their relative inequality with regard to knowledge, experience and forensic skills. The purpose of an inspection is to discover and report defects and/or deficiencies. The ability to do this effectively involves skills that take many years to develop and refine. Some Inspectors are far better at this than others. Unfortunately, most people do not realize this when they hire an Inspector, and spend little, if any time selecting one. 

 All of our Board-Certified, Award-Winning, Professional Inspections are performed according to the standards of practice and code of ethics, dictated by the Texas Real Estate Commission www.trec.texas.gov the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors www.nachi.org & the Master Inspector Certification Board www.certifiedmasterinspector.org providing the industry's highest professional standards, inspection procedures and business ethics.


Why Hire Us?

I am extremely proud to be the only Professional Real Estate Inspector of my kind in the state of Texas. First, I am one of only a handful of Board-Certified Professional Master Inspectors in the state of Texas (out of almost 4,000 state-licensed Professional Inspectors). Secondly, I have a Master of Engineering (M.Engr.) Degree in Civil Engineering. My inspections and structural evaluations are performed from a completely different perspective than most other state-licensed Inspectors, due to my qualifications and experience. All of my Board-Certified, Professional Inspections far exceed the Texas Real Estate Commission's Standards of Practice, which is the minimum inspection standard all state-licensed Inspectors are required to follow. I have performed well over 12,000 inspections and structural evaluations since becoming licensed by TREC almost 30 years ago.

 When I perform a Property Inspection, I include approximately $1500 worth of complimentary inspections to my clients that other inspection companies do not offer and/or are not qualified to perform.  For a detailed list of these complimentary inspections, please click HERE or on the "WHAT'S INCLUDED" page of this website.

I have a real passion for the Real Estate Inspection industry and absolutely LOVE what I do! I consistently strive to be the BEST Inspector for my Clients and the professional Realtors representing my Clients! This may sound a bit "cliche," but I truly perform each and every inspection like I am purchasing the property for myself. When you see my final product (your inspection reports), you will realize that this statement is far from "cliche!" My inspection reports are highly customized and thoroughly documented, with hundreds of detailed pictures. Instead of your typical boilerplate comments provided by most inspection companies, you will receive the expert opinion and insight my qualifications, training and experience brings to the table, which is unparalleled in the inspection industry today. The Texas Real Estate Commission allows Inspectors (2) days to deliver Inspection Reports to their clients;  however, I always strive to issue my Inspection Reports the same day.  

At A-PLUS Inspection Services, PLLC, we pride ourselves in superior customer service and "service after the sale." We have had the same phone number for 53 years and offer lifetime consulting to all of our clients. If you ever have any questions/concerns, we are always a phone call, text or e-mail away! We sincerely appreciate your business, trust & confidence in our Board-Certified, Award-Winning, Professional Inspection Services. 


Angie's list Super Service Awards

 A-PLUS Inspection Services, PLLC, has earned the esteemed 2012-2019 Angie's List Super Service Award, reflecting exemplary years of service provided to members of the consumer review service! Only about (5%) of the companies we compete with are able to earn the SSA! It's a mark of great customer service!

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