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To celebrate our 52nd year of business in Texas, we are offering (2) Complimentary Services for all Angie's List Members, when you schedule your Property Inspection.

1.  Complimentary Environmental Report
PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM CONTAMINATED SOIL AND GROUNDWATER.  The Neighborhood Environmental Report provided by Environmental Data Resources, Inc., scans over (1400) governmental databases and searches over (23) million records of potential land and groundwater contamination within (1) mile of the property inspected.  Environmental Data Resources, Inc., is the leading national provider of environmental risk information to environmental professionals.  This specialized report will show you the locations of:
  • Leaking Tanks (e.g., Gas Stations)
  • Spills (e.g., Dry Cleaners)
  • Residential Oil Spills
  • Clandestine Drug Labs (34,000+ known in the U.S.)
  • Superfund Sites (1,300+ known in the U.S.)
  • State Hazardous Waste Sites
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage & Disposal Sites
  • Discovery and Assessment Sites
  • Emergency Response Notification Sites
  • Active/Former Department of Defense Sites
  • Manufactured Gas Plants
  • Radioactive Material Activity Sites
Your Neighborhood Environmental Report contains the most updated FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Flood Zone Map, detailing both the 100-Year & 500-Year Flood Zones within a (1) mile radius of the property inspected.  

Your Neighborhood Environmental Report also contains the most updated National Wetlands Inventory Map, detailing both State & National Wetlands Inventory.  Wetlands provide a multitude of ecological, economical and social benefits.  The provide habitat for fish, wildlife and a variety of plants.  Wetlands are nurseries for many saltwater and freshwater fishes and shellfish of commercial and recreational importance.  Wetlands are also important landscape features because they hold and slowly release flood water and snow melt, recharge groundwater, recycle nutrients and provide recreation and wildlife viewing opportunities for millions of people.

2.  Complimentary Energy Inspection & Report
It takes a lot of energy to heat, cool and operate a home.  Most home buyers purchase a home without first understanding what it will cost to operate it once they move in.  Most Americans spend ($2,500) a year on utilities, including Heating and Cooling costs.  Many homeowners can reduce their utility bills by up to (30%) from energy improvements.

The Energy Inspection & Report will consist of the collection of approximately (40) data points related to energy.  We then use an advanced energy calculator developed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to:

  • Estimate the home's yearly energy usage
  • Pinpoint potential energy inefficiencies
  • Develop recommendations for energy improvements; and
  • Determine your potential energy savings
Your online report will provide information about the efficiency of the major systems in your home, as well as recommendations for improvements that can help reduce your energy bills, while making your new home more comfortable.  The average homeowner can save over ($500) every year on utility bills by following the prioritized recommendations within the Energy Report.  Your Energy Report will also come with (2) Homeowner's Guides.  The First is titled "Energy Efficient Heating/Cooling" and consists of (27) pages of valuable information.  The Second is titled "Air Leaks & Air Sealing" and consists of (37) pages of valuable information.  Please view the video below for a better understanding of how your Energy Inspection will save you money:


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