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Are you looking to hire an Inspector that is new to the business?  How about a part-time or Groupon Inspector? OF COURSE NOT!!!  Everyone has to get started somewhere, but do you really want it to be on your potential dream home?  You should WANT & DEMAND the best Inspection available in the industry today.  If you are a comparison shopper, please try and resist the temptation to allow pricing to be your major concern.  Bargain Inspectors are typically inexperienced newcomers, or side-jobbers, without justification to charge clients the market fee for their services.  Consider how much you are paying for your potential dream home and calculate out what percentage the inspection fee is?  You will find that our inspection fees are normally a very small percentage of the actual selling price.  In the Real Estate Inspection industry, you really do get what you pay for.  A single defect missed by your "discount/groupon" Inspector could easily cost you 100 times what you saved. More importantly, in the event of a missed safety issue, you could lose your entire home or even your life.  Keep in mind, the price difference between the "Best Inspector" and the "Worst Inspector" is approximately $250.  

Pricing in the Real Estate Inspection industry is based primarily on experience and qualifications.  While there are always going to be additional variables that factor into pricing, including location of the Structure, square footage, age of the Structure, type of Foundation, type of Roof, number of HVAC Systems, etc., you will find that our prices essentially reflect the value of our services to you and your future, which are unparalleled in the Inspection industry today!  We offer the most thorough and comprehensive inspections and reports, as well as superior customer service!  If you are looking for the best possible inspection available in the Real Estate Inspection industry today, I can assure you, "WE ARE IT!"

There are many different degrees of inspections and Inspectors, so please don't make the mistake of thinking all Inspectors and their inspections are the same, because I can assure you, we are all VERY different.  Different Inspectors have varying qualifications, experience, equipment, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing.  I perform (1) inspection per day, that’s it!  I devote the entire day to advising you of the condition of one of the biggest financial investments you may ever make in your lifetime.  Most other Inspectors try and perform (2), (3) or even (4) inspections per day, which leaves approximately (2) hours per inspection.  It is impossible to perform a proper inspection in (2) hours.  

The best analogy I can give you regarding "QUALIFICATIONS / EXPERIENCE / PRICING" in the Real Estate Inspection industry would be:

If you had to have major surgery, would you choose a cheaper, less experienced surgeon that has performed only a handful of surgeries, or would you choose the slightly more expensive surgeon with the most qualifications and experience that has been performing major surgeries for 30 years?  The obvious choice would be the surgeon with the most qualifications and experience.   

Whether you are purchasing a property valued at $200,000 or $10,000,000, I challenge you to find the Inspector with the most qualifications and experience to advise you of the condition of one of the biggest financial investments you may ever make.  Remember, when purchasing a property, you only get one shot at the inspection process.  

Please contact us at  512.258.8766 or Chris@BestAustinInspectors.com to discuss and/or schedule your inspection today, or feel free to use the Contact Us page below.  We pride ourselves in superior customer service and "service after the sale."  We have had the same phone number for 52 years and offer lifetime consulting to all of our clients.

If Inspection Services are cancelled less than (48) business hours prior to the inspection, A-PLUS Inspection Services reserves the right to charge the client a fee equal to the amount of the inspection fee quoted.  For example, if your inspection is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m., please let us know of your cancellation by Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.


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